Air Products & Chemicals Inc

PO Box:
Houston, TX


Houston, TX 77067-3211 12600 Northborough Dr Ste 196

  +1 873-5151
  +1 874-7122

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Gases, Argon, Carbon Monoxide/Syngas, Electronics Specialty, Helium Hydrogen, Hydrogen Energy Fuel, Gas Solutions, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Specialty equipment & services, Cryogenic Air Separation, Cryogenic Applications, Cryo Machinery, Gas/ Chemical Delivery Systems, LNG Heat Exchangers, PRISM Membranes, Services performance materials, Epoxy Additives and Resins, Polyurea Amines & Isocynates, Personal Care Polymers, Polyurethane Additives, Polyurethane Intermediates, Specialty Amines, Surfactants, Defoamers & Pigment Dispersing Additives other, Electronics Specialty Chemicals, Fluorination, Modes of Supply


SUPPLIERS & MANUFACTURERS No Contact person available

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